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Updated: Oct 12, 2023

So... what is commerce?

For all human purposes, commerce is known as the process of exchanging goods and services, typically between two or more individuals.

This means, at surface/by definition, if you:

Exchange anything with anyone? COMMERCE

Trading Yu-gi-oh cards? COMMERCE 

Selling your mixtape? COMMERCE 

The contract you accepted that allowed you to see this post? Yeah! You got it…COMMERCE 

Most people have been engaging in commerce since they were a baby…LITERALLY…yet remain unaware of how “commerce” controls their everyday life.

Just as there are universal laws that control all levels of reality, commerce has its universal laws as well. So let's go over some of the basics of commerce, shall we?


is a collection of rules that govern most "business" transactions done between people today, regardless if they are aware of it or not.

Please, don't believe me or take my (or anyone else's) word for it; FIND OUT YOURSELF!

Or don't. The sun will continue to rise in the east, and set in the west...

According to [§ 1-201. General Definitions], a "Contract means the total legal obligation that results from the parties' agreement as determined by the Uniform Commercial Code as supplemented by any other applicable laws."

Now let's see this applied...

In various places of this website, including the "terms and Conditions", it has been repeatedly expressed that: "Shon is a Teacher; everything provided on this site is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. All users are individually responsible for any results produced from implementing anything provided by this site"

Whether or not every user has or will fully read and/or comprehended those words as written, is irrelevant.

Commercially speaking... I, Shon, made an OFFER and you, the "user" of this site, ACCEPTED.


  1. I made an OFFER and gave proper notice, evidenced by the "Terms and Conditions", as well expressed said terms on the footer of every page on this website,

  2. After my OFFER was made, you, "user", ACCEPTED the "Terms and Conditions" evidenced by you continuing using this website right now (you're reading this post haha),

  3. Your acceptance IS a binding agreement between me, Shon, and you, User, which is a legally enforceable contract.

Pretty sweet right?

Now, I intentionally gave you an abundance of notices to purposely give you full disclosure and remove the possibility of you claiming ignorance......but what if I didn't?

What if I only gave you minimal disclosure, implied bias agreements, and/or omitted important details because I personally felt as though you should have known better?

What would stop me, or anyone else from intentionally making contracts that purposely hide key details, mislead the terms and conditions of said contract, in order to give myself an unfair monetary advantage?

How would YOU even know?

If one can understand the information that has been provided in THIS POST ALONE, they will begin to magnetize the solutions needed to solve whatever commercial problem they may have.

I mean…do you even own your name? 

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